Press review

Activists want to demonstrate for a mobility turnaround at the weekend |, Kurier, 20.10.

Climate activists announce wave of protests across Austria | PULS 24, Puls 24, 20.10.

Lobautunnel: Gewessler wants to change the law, ÖVP not –,, 29.09.

Gewessler wants to stop Lobau tunnel now finally |, Die Presse, 29.09.

Gewessler wants to stop Lobau tunnel in Vienna by law – Vienna Online – Austria – VIENNA. AT,, 29.09.

Dispute with ÖVP: Gewessler wants to stop Lobau tunnel construction by law – Vienna (, Mein Bezirk, 29.09.

New dispute over Lobau tunnel –,, 29.09.

Gewessler sees end for Lobau tunnel by law | Ö1 Mittagsjournal, 29.09. | Ö1 | ORF-Radiothek, oe1, 29.09.

Stadtstraße: Sperren und Proteste,, 06.09.

"No-Bau" instead of Lobau? | PULS 24, Puls 24, 16.09.

Climate activists call for school occupations in Vienna – Wien |, Today, 13.09. 

"Lobau Bleibt" becomes Austria-wide campaign "Mobility Turnaround Now" |, Kurier, 12.09.

Lobau-Camp dissolved, city road construction blocked again – klimareporter°, Klimareporter, 08.09.

Stadtstraße: Police ends new blockade, ORF – Wien Heute, 06.09.

Stadtstraße: Sperren und Proteste, ORF – Aktuell nach eins, 06.09.

Wiener Stadtstraße: Three arrests during protests, Der Standard, 06.09.

"LobauBleibt activists chain themselves to railway tracks, Die Presse, 06.09.

Climate activists chained themselves to train tracks in Vienna, msn, 06.09.

Climate activists chained themselves to train tracks, Kleine Zeitung, 06.09.

Climate activists chained themselves to train tracks in Vienna, Salzburger Nachrichten, 06.09.

Lobau: Climate activists cleared last camp,, 5.09.

Lobau-Camp packs up and moves to a "secret" place – Vienna |, Today, 01.09.

Stadtstraße: Lobau protest camp in Vienna-Donaustadt moves – Vienna Online,, 01.09.

Lobau protest camp against Wiener Stadtstraße moves – Vienna – › Panorama, Der Standard, 01.09.

Stadtstraßen-Protestcamp moves –, ORF, 01.09.

Stadtstraße: Wiener Lobau-Protestcamp moves to |, Kurier, 01.09.

Climate activists: Lobau-Camp moves, new location unclear – Donaustadt (, MeinBezirk, 01.09.


(6) Protest Camp – "You can also celebrate if you have not reached your goal" – Wiener Zeitung Online, 27.08.

365 days camp: Anniversary for protest against Lobau tunnel and city road – Donaustadt (, MeinBezirk, 27.08.

What remains of the protest against the city street – Vienna today from 27.08.2022 at 19:00 – ORF-TVthek, ORF, 27.08.

Mike & Mechanics – Word Of Mouth | Under Palm Trees, 26.08. | radio FM4 | ORF-Radiothek, FM4, 26.08.

Under Palm Trees, 26.08. | radio FM4 | ORF-Radiothek, FM4, 26.08.

One year of Lobau occupation – and now? |, Die Presse, 26.08.

Protest against city street is an anniversary –, ORF, 26.08.

"Ein Armutszeugnis für die Wiener SPÖ" |, Kurier, 24.08.

Protest against Stadtstraße for a year: An interim balance |, Kurier, 24.08.

"Conversion is greenwashing": Protest at the opening of the new Praterstern – Leopoldstadt (, MeinBezirk, 23.08.

Platz am Wiener Praterstern has been redesigned – Vienna Online,, 23.08.

Disturbance action at the opening of the Vienna Praterstern –, ORF, 23.08.

Platz am Praterstern redesigned –, vienna. ORF, 23.08.

Climate activists hijack Praterstern party |, Die Presse, 23.08.

Climate activists disrupt opening at Vienna Praterstern – Vienna |, Today, 23.08.

Applause and boos at the opening of the new Praterstern |, Kurier, 23.08.

Conflict between environmental activists and the city of Vienna continues to escalate – Vienna – › Panorama, Der Standard, 23.08.

Climate activists disturb SPÖ Praterstern opening –, zackzack, 23.08.

The signature of the Minister of Finance – Austria – is missing for the Lobau tunnel – › Panorama, Der Standard, 23.08.

Stadtstraße: Eviction of the protest camp in Vienna-Donaustadt is approaching – Vienna Online,, 22.08.

Stadtstraße: Conversation between officials of the city of Vienna and activists (, OE24, 22.08.

City wants to vacate Vienna's Lobau Camp prematurely – Vienna |, Today, 22.08.

Stadtstraße: Police visited protest camp –, vienna. ORF, 22.08.

Police visited protest camp against Wiener Stadtstraße – Austria – › Austria, Der Standard, 22.08.

Police visit protest camp against Wiener Stadtstraße |, Die Presse, 22.08.

Stadtstraße: Police called on activists to evict protest camp –, zackzack, 22.08.

Climate activists: Police wanted to clear Lobau-Camp in Donaustadt – Donaustadt (, Mein Bezirk, 22.08.

Stadtstraße-Protestcamp: City of Vienna suggests eviction to activists |, Kurier, 22.08.

Stadtautobahn – "We will continue to fight" – Wiener Zeitung Online, Wiener Zeitung, 22.08.

Ö1 Morgenjournal, 16.08. | Ö1 | ORF-Radiothek, OE1, 16.08.

Exhibition "Lobau remains": The Resistance Museum moves into the new building – Neubau (, 10.08., OE1, 08.08.

Radeln For Future: 300 participants at bike demo "Heisl Bike Ride" in Vienna – Vienna (, MeinBezirk, 06.08.

"Radl for Future": Organizer of the Radl-Demo in Vienna (, OE24, 05.08.

Moving toilet curves during the "Heisl Bike Ride" through Vienna – Vienna |, Today, 04.08.

"Heisl Bike Ride" cycles on the Gürtel against Stadtstraße – Vienna |, Today, 31.07.

Heisl Bike Ride: Climate protectors invite to major demonstration for traffic turnaround – Vienna (, MeinBezirk, 28.07.

Radiokolleg – Faszinosum Camping | Thu | 28 07 2022 | 9:05 – OE1, 28.07.

On August 5th, the "Heisl Bike Ride" will be cycled against the Wiener Stadtstraße – Vienna Online – Cycling in Vienna – VIENNA. AT,, 28.07.

The Lobau tunnel would endanger climate targets and promote urban sprawl |, Die Presse, 25.07.

Kampf um den Lobautunnel –, Hörbilder spezial, OE1, 18.07.

Climate activists form in the Vienna protest camp – Vienna |, Today, 06.07.

Stadtstraße bewegt: Klimaschützer plan nationwide conference in Vienna – Donaustadt (, MeinBezirk, 06.07.

Stadtstraße because of "botch" again case for court – Vienna |, Today, 30.06.

Barrier! U2 does not go to Seestadt in summer – Vienna |, Today, 30.06.

The Stadtstraße in Vienna is a case for a supreme court |, SN, 30.06.

Initiative "Verkehrswende, jetzt!": First protest camp against planned A 26 construction in the Bahnhofsviertel, MeinBezirk, 28.6.

Protest continues: Lobau camp extended until winter, msn, 22.6.

How does activist Lena Schilling imagine the world?, Profile, 17.6.

9 months LobauStay – And now? – Panel discussion with activists from LobauStay at the opening of the praise exhibition in the collective Kaorle, Radio Orange, 17.6.

Kampf um den Lobautunnel, Ö1. 16.06.

Krone bunt, 12.06.

Vienna's Climate Council loses two top experts |, Die Presse, 10.06.

Falter, 08.06.

The Disobedient – FALTER 23/22 –, Falter, 07.06.

Austria, 07.06.

Battle for Lobau Tunnel I | Thu | 16 06 2022 | 10:05 –, OE1, AVISO

How much concrete party is in the SPÖ – SPÖ – › Inland, Der Standard, 06.06.

"Pretty much in the pants": Ulli Sima on Peter Klien on threats of legal action against Lobau activists – TV review: TV diary – › Etat, Der Standard, 04.06.

Good Night Austria from 03.06.2022 at 23:20 – ORF-TVthek, ORF, 03.06.

"Public interest, civil society and environmental protection" PANEL DISCUSSION | cba – cultural broadcasting archive (, Radio Orange, 03.06.

The political insiders: How far can protest go? | PULS 24, Puls 24, 02.06.

Finally breathe a sigh of relief: Viennese SPÖ ceremoniously opens new green strip (, Die Tagespresse, 02.06.

ORF-Radiothek, OE 1, 01.06.

You can only build roads: EA presents "Sim City: SPÖ" (, Die Tagespresse, 01.06.

Politician insults: Wiener Wahnsinn |, Profil, 01.06.

"It's crazy, the SPÖ!" Lobau Camp becomes Vienna's Gaul – Vienna |, 31.05.

Ernst Nevrivy | "Heisln"-Sager causes excitement (, 31.05.

Lobau-Widerstand in SPÖ: Soziale Frage statt 'Lifestyle-G'schichtl' (, Mosaik, 31.05.

Kusch, es Heisln! – Hans Rauscher – › Diskurs, Der Standard, 30.05.

T-shirt for "Heisln" – The scandal saga to wear – Vienna |, today, 30.05.

Ernst Nevrivy: Ein Genosse wie damals |, Die Presse, 30.05.

SPÖ Party Congress – About Heisln, Beidl, Gsindl and other miserable suitcases – Wiener Zeitung Online, Wiener Zeitung, 30.05.

Broad criticism of "Heisl"-Sager by red district chief Nevrivy |, Die Presse, 30.05.

"Greens and all the houses" – Nevrivy and Sima speak up – YouTube, Kurier, 30.05.

SN, 30.05.

"Speechless" about SPÖ – "Heisl"-Sager: Experts feel insulted |, Krone, 30.05.

Road projects: Researchers criticize SPÖ politician Nevrivy for "Heisln" slogan – Vienna – › Panorama, Der Standard, 30.05.

Sima zu Nevrivys "Häusel"-Sager: "Keine gute Strategie" |, Kurier, 30.05.

"Scientists for Future Austria" angered by Viennese SPÖ – Politics – VIENNA. AT,, 30.05.

Further criticism of "Heisln" statement from Viennese SPÖ –, ORF, 30.05.

Fuss about "Heisln" saying: Criticism of SPÖ –, ORF, 30.05.

Regional Party Convention of the SPÖ Vienna: Administrator instead of Designer – Stefanie Rachbauer – › Discourse, Der Standard, 29.05.

Red Viennese District Emperor Nevrivy outrages the party youth |, Kurier, 29.05.

Grüne, rote und andere Heisln – Wiener Politik – › Inland, Der Standard, 29.05.

Ernst Nevrivy called critics "Heisln" (, oe24, 29.05.

More than 1,500 participants at demonstration against Wiener Stadtstraße |, SN, 28.05.

Party Congress of the SPÖ Vienna: Fences, tunnels and houses |, Kurier, 28.05.

Wiener "Stadtstraße": Catholic Action for Civil Disobedience (, Kathpress, 27.05.

"Expect fierce discussions", Wiener Zeitung, 27.05.

City street occupations: Is it enough slowly? A debate – FALTER.morgen #334, 27.05.

The SPÖ is no more powerful than the convictions of its base, Kleine Zeitung, 27.05.

SPÖ Party Congress: Ludwig's re-election in the shadow of the tunnel, Der Standard, 26.05.

Vienna SPÖ invites to party congress after corona break, Vienna, 25.05.

City street occupation ends with arrests,, 25.05.

City street occupation ends with arrests, ORF 2 – Wien Heute, 25.05.

Lucia Steinwender on the clearing of the Lobau construction site, oe24, 25.05.

Construction site occupation Wiener Stadtstraße cleared, Ö1 Mittagsjournal, 25.05.

Arrests during occupation of the Vienna city road construction site, Die Presse, 25.05.

Urban motorway construction site occupied: First arrests, Krone, 25.05.

Police move out again to clear the city road construction site, Wiener Zeitung, 25.05.

Schilling on the Lobau protest: "Resistance is unclearable", Puls 24, 25.05.

Lobau protest: City road construction site reoccupied, Puls 24, 25.05.

Urban road construction site: Eviction has begun, w24, 25.05.

Quickly occupied, quickly cleared: 95 arrests during protest against Stadtstraße, Der Standard, 25.05.

Hausfeldstraße again occupied by "hundreds" of activists, MeinBezirk, 25.05.

City road construction site reoccupied, new evacuation underway, Kurier, 25.05.

No room for demonstration: Lobau movement accuses SPÖ of hostility to democracy, Kurier, 24.05.

Party Congress of the Viennese SPÖ after a long corona break, NÖN, 24.05.

Demo round dance before SPÖ party congress, Die Presse, 23.05.

SPÖ party rebels against Lobau tunnel and Stadtstraße, Kurier, 19.05.

"Hörlgasse suffocates in the noise!", Bezirkszeitung Alsergrund, 18.05.

Blocked, occupied, cleared: How it goes on with LobauBleibt now, mosaik-Blog, 18.05.

Construction work started for Wiener Stadtstraße, meinBezirk, 17.05.

Construction work started for Stadtstraße/Construction progress for Stadtstraße Donaustadt, Today, 16.05.

"Gewessler has clearly broken the law", Wiener Zeitung, 14.05.

Lobau tunnel: Vienna turns on EU, Kurier, 14.05.

This was the demo for traffic calming in Hörlgasse, MeinBezirk, 13.05.

Citizens' initiative demands traffic calming of Hörlgasse, MeinBezirk, 13.05.

Report Lobautunnel: "Clear breach of law",, 13.05.

Vienna speaks of "clear breach of law" in Lobau tunnel cancellation, GMX, 13.05.

Activists again block construction sites of the city road in Vienna-Donaustadt,, 12.05.

Police violence: Amnesty warns Austria, ZIB 1 / ORF 2, 7.05.

Die Kunst und das Klima, ARD/BR Fernsehen, 5.05.

Viennese police lock out journalists, people make media/, 5.05.

Greenwashing event: LobauRemains confronted Michael Ludwig in Hirschstetten, MeinBezirk, 29.04.


In Hirschstetten LobauBleibt meets with Michael Ludwig., Newsd, 29.4.


Climate activists raise serious accusations of violence against the police!, stand.punkt, 29.04.


Lobau could become a park landscape, science.orf.,at 27.04.


Come to stay: Lobau movement does not give up, Tiroler Tageszeitung, 24.04.


Activist pulled by excavator: No investigation,, 22.04.


Citizen survey on the expansion of Salzburg's Altstadtgarage in June – Panorama – › Panorama, Der Standard, 22.04.


Activists: "That's why we put our hands in concrete" – Vienna |, Today, 21.04., Falter Morgen, 21.04.


Schilling: Lawsuit against Gewessler would be an "indictment" of Austria | PULSE 24, PULSE 24, 20.04.


Túnel de Lobau: "Posible demanda ministerial", News.ESEuro, 20.04.


How STRABAG and PORR benefit from the city road –, Standpunkt, 19.04.


»Tenancy law needs much stronger regulation again« (, Fair Wohnen, 19.04.


How far should climate activism go? –, FM4, 19.04.


Auf Laut, 19.04. | radio FM4 | ORF-Radiothek, FM4, 19.04.

Protest camp was cleared by the police, Donaustadt – Bezirkszeitung, 13./14.04.


LobauBleibt movement invites to "Culture instead of Concrete Festival" in Vienna-Donaustadt, Vienna, 13.04.


In front of SPÖ headquarters in Linz: Demonstration against the eviction of the Lobau camp – Linz (, MeinBezirk, 12.04.


"Lobau bleibt" movement invites you to a cultural festival at the protest camp – Austria – › Panorama, Der Standard, 12.04.


Kultur-Festival statt Protestcamp, Wiener Zeitung, 12.04.


Grätzel talk under the sign of Stadtstraße and Siegesplatz, MeinBezirk, 11.4.


For children: Musicalstar plays in last climate camp, today, 10.4.


Street occupation completely cleared, climate reporter, 9.4.


Student shows destruction by construction of city road, Today, 9.4.


Lobau-Autobahn: City of Vienna clears protest camp again, Heise, 8.4.


Reports on police assault during official act in the Vienna Lobau, Der Standard, 7.4.


Protest Camp Eviction: Allegations against Police,, 7.4.


Lobau: Allegation of police violence, ORF 2 – ZIB 2, 7.4.


Protest Camp Eviction: Allegations of Police Violence, ORF 1 – ZIB 18:00, 7.4.


Alleged police assault during official act in the Vienna Lobau, oe24, 7.4.


Alleged police assault in the Vienna Lobau, Kleine Zeitung, 7.4.


Video shows alleged police assault during protest camp eviction, Kurier, 7.4.


Lobau eviction: Video of alleged police violence surfaced, MeinBezirk, 7.4.


Alleged police violence during eviction of the Vienna Lobau protest camp,, 7.4.


Activist in Lobau apparently kicked by policemen, Salzburger Nachrichten, 7.4.


Protest camp eviction: policeman is said to have kicked activists underfoot, OÖ Nachrichten, 7.4.


























































Wiener Zeitung, 7.4.


Lobau activist occupied excavators: Video shows Tritt, Krone, 7.4.


























































Austria, 7.4.


Stadtstraße: Further protest in third camp, 2 – Vienna Today, 5./6.4.


Allegations against police after eviction of the Stadtstraße protest camp, Der Standard, 6.4.


Die Seestadt und die soziale Wohnbaupolitik, Wiener Zeitung, 6.4.


Lobau protest camp: Gewessler distances himself from eviction by Asfinag, Kurier, 6.4.


Climate demo: Last Viennese protest camp cleared, Puls24, 5.4.


Protest camp cleared: 25 arrests, ORF 2 – Wien Heute, 5.4.


Protest camp in Vienna-Donaustadt was cleared, Wiener Zeitung, 5.4.


Protest in front of SPÖ headquarters to police detention centre, MeinBezirk, 5.4.


Lobau activists occupy excavators again after eviction, Today, 5.4.


Another climate protest camp in Vienna cleared, Ö1 Journal at five, 5.4.


Protestcamp is cleared, Ö3 Fünf um Fünf, 5.4.


Demonstrators concreted their hands, MeinBezirk, 5.4.


Protest camp cleared: 25 arrests, ORF 2 – Aktuell nach fünf, 5.4.


Police clear further construction site of Stadtstraße Wien: "Frightening how it works", wait, 5.4.


Another protest camp cleared in Vienna,, 5.4.


Protestcamps in Wien-Donaustadt geräumt, ORF 2 – Aktuell nach eins, 5.4.


Protest camp at construction site in the Lobau was cleared, The Standard, 5.4.


With crane against activists: Lobau protest camp cleared again, Kurier, 5.4.


Camp cleared against city road, 25 provisional arrests, Salzburger Nachrichten, 5.4.


More than 400 police officers | Next Lobau protest camp will be cleared, Kleine Zeitung, 5.4.


WEGA, roadblocks, 22 arrests – Lobau-Camp cleared, Today, 5.4.


Protest camp cleared: 25 arrests,, 5.4.


Protest camp in Vienna-Donaustadt is cleared, Die Presse, 5.4.


Police evacuate Lobau-Camp, oe24, 5.4.


Camp cleared against city road, 25 provisional arrests, NÖN, 5.4.


Protest camp eviction in Vienna: Activists hid in earth caves, OÖ Nachrichten, 5.4.


Stadtstraße: Protest camp in Vienna-Donaustadt is cleared, Tiroler Tageszeitung, 5.4.


Camp cleared against city road, 25 provisional arrests, Vol, 5.4.


ORF weatherman Wadsak publishes "Climate Manifesto", Today, 5.4.


How Vienna delayed the tram in Donaustadt stood at 4.4.


Climate Movement in Crisis (recording panel discussion Lobau-Camp 27.3.), cba Freies Radio Freistadt for Future, 31.3.


ORF-Wettermann with new book, mnews, 31.3.


WEGA-Einsatz bei Klimaschützer-Camp, Ö1 Journal um Acht, 31.3.


LobauRemains: Activists occupy excavators to stop the construction of the city motorway, oekonews, 31.3.


WEGA mission yesterday at climate protection camp around Stadtstraße, Ö3, 31.3.


























































Crown, 31.3.



Police vacate occupation of "LobauBleibt" activists, MeinBezirk, 30.3.


Excavator occupied, driver remained seated and ordered coffee, Today, 30.3.


Activists occupy excavators to prevent city roads, MeinBezirk, 30.3.


LobauRemains: Activists occupy excavators to stop the construction of the urban highway, pressenza, 30.3.


Police clear city street demo: activists chained themselves to steel pipe, courier, 30.3.


Activists blocked work on Stadtstraße in Vienna-Donaustadt,, 30.3.


Another demonstration at the city motorway construction site, Krone, 30.3.


3 activists arrested at Lobau blockade, oe24, 30.3.


Lobau activists occupy excavators, Wega in action, Today, 30.3.


























































Austria, 29.03.


Lobau-Camp could already be cleared on Tuesday – Vienna |, Today, 28.03.


Rumours about eviction of the Lobau protest camp – Panorama – › Panorama, Der Standard, 28.03.


(1) Climate demo paralyzes Vienna: "Fuck the exams, better go on strike" – YouTube, Kurier, 26.03.


"Lobau Bleibt!" at Fridays for Future (, oe24, 25.03.


(1) Fridays for Future: Statements by activists – YouTube, oe24, 25.03.


Fridays for Future against "dependence on Putin's fossil fuels… |, Die Presse, 25.03.


(3) Climate strike – "The topics are becoming more and more local" – Wiener Zeitung Online, Wiener Zeitung, 23.03.


Activists alarmed, second camp eviction feared – Vienna |, Today, 23.03.


























































Augustin, 09.03.-22.03.


Every Sunday: Climate activists invite you to the "Culture instead of Concrete Festival" – Vienna (, MeinBezirk, 22.03.


The destruction of Hirschstetten –, Oekonews, 22.03.


Stadtstraße in Vienna: Does Vienna need its fields because of the War in Ukraine? – Donaustadt (, MeinBezirk, 22.03.


This video shows the tree massacre for the city highway –, stand.punkt, 22.03.


Vienna's western entrance blocked by demo –, ORF, 21.03.


Situation in morning traffic: Vienna west entrance blocked by demo |, Kurier, 21.03.


The political insiders: High fuel price – opportunity for the climate change? | PULS 24, PULS 24,, 16.03.


"Krone" hooked up – horror about deer shootings in Vienna-Donaustadt |, Krone, 15.03.

Pause for reflection at Lobauer Stadtstraße – A way out of the dead end, cooppa, 15.03.


Rehmassaker announces itself: Released for firing – Vienna (, MeinBezirk, 14.03.


Activists chain themselves together in front of SPÖ headquarters – Vienna |, Today, 14.03.


























































Topic, 13.03.


























































Austria, 11.03., ORF, 10.03.


Graffiti and Symbols: Right-wing Radical Slogan at the "LobauBleibt" Camp – Donaustadt (, MeinBezirk, 10.03.


Activists shocked – Protest camp defaced with Nazi symbols |, Krone, 10.03.


LobauRemains: Nazi attack on protest camp in Hirschstettnerstraße –, Oekonews, 10.03


Activists against Wiener Stadtstraße report on neo-Nazi attack on camp – Austria – › Panorama, Der Standard, 10.03.


Stadtstraßen-Camp smeared with swastikas and Nazi symbols |, Kurier, 10.03.


Protest camp in Vienna smeared with Nazi symbols –,, 10.03.


























































SN, 10.03.


Ecofeminism: Women as spearheads against the climate crisis –,, 08.03.


























































Austria, 08.03.


Art installation on Stadtstraße in Vienna's Museumsquartier |, SN, 07.03.


Greenpeace demands immediate package gas exit and poetry slam at Lobau Protest Camp | cba – cultural broadcasting archive (, despite everything, 04.03.




























































The default, 01.03.


























































The default, 01.03.


Vienna's city councillors in the popularity check: Hackers profit, Sima polarizes |, Kurier, 28.02.


Miscellaneous – Discussing Climate Change (, Varia, 24.02.


























































SN, 24.02,


Rib broken: Wiener Stadtstraßen-activist accuses police of bodily injury – Vienna Online,, 23.02.


Lobau: Aktivist accuses police of bodily injury | PULS 24, Puls 24, 23.02.


Full clarification of injured Lobau activist demanded – Vienna |, Today, 23.02.


City street protest: activist accuses police of bodily harm |, Kurier, 23.02.


Investigations ongoing – activist "rib broken": allegations against police |, Krone, 23.02.


Climate activist accuses Viennese police of bodily harm |, Die Presse, 23.02.


Stadtstraße – activist accuses Viennese police of bodily injury |, OÖ-Nachrichten, 23.02.


Stadtstraßen-Aktivist accuses police of bodily injury «, Kleine Zeitung, 23.02.


Police allegedly injured activists –, ORF, 23.02.


Broken rib: Lobau activist accuses police – Vienna |, Today, 23.02.


Dissolved protest against city street: activist accuses Viennese police of bodily injury – Panorama – › Panorama, Der Standard, 23.02.


Stadtstraßen-Aktivist accuses police of bodily injury |, Salzburger Nachrichten, 23.02.


Accusation of LobauBleibt "Policeman broke a climate activist's rib" – Vienna (, Mein Bezirk, 23.02.


Guest commentary – Don't rely on the wrong horses anymore – Wiener Zeitung Online, Wiener Zeitung, 22.02.


Housing in Seestadt: Neither ecological nor social (, mosaic, 22.02.


WUK-Radio: Lobau bleibt (?) | cba – cultural broadcasting archive (, WUK-Radio, 22.02.


Stadtstraße: Tree felling in night work areas only legally possible from August –, Oekonews, 22.02.


Ulli Sima also never learns from |, Die Presse, 22.02.


























































Salzburger Nachrichten, 21.02.


























































Austria, 20.02.


























































Courier, 20.02.


























































Wiener Linien, 19.02.


























































Tiroler Tageszeitung, 19.02.


City street activists occupied tree: Protest was broken up |, Kurier, 19.02.


LobauBleibt action against clearing the last trees because of the city motorway –, Oekonews, 19.02.


"Lobau bleibt" activists occupied tree in protest against deforestation – Vienna – › Panorama, Der Standard, 19.02.


Lobau activists: New protest against city road and tree clearing | PULS 24, PULS 24, 19.02.


Protest in "Baumhaus" – Lobau: New protest platform at lofty heights |, Krone, 19.02.


Wien heute from 19.02.2022 at 19:00 – ORF-TVthek, Wien heute, 19.02.


Police end tree occupation –, ORF, 19.02.


Tree occupation dissolved as protest against Wiener Stadtstraße • NEWS. AT, News, 19.02.


Tree occupation dissolved as protest against Wiener Stadtstraße (, Volksblatt, 19.02.


Tree occupation dissolved as protest against Wiener Stadtstraße – Austria — VOL. AT,, 19.02.



Lobau activists: "This is the calm before the storm" – Vienna |, Today, 18.02.


TRAKTUELL | Lobau tunnel and road construction – pro and contra, Traktuell, 17.02.


Storm blows the tents of the city street activists – Vienna |, Today, 17.02.


Lobau conflict: Broad alliance calls for "path of dialogue" (,, 16.02.


Stadtstraße: The last days of the protest camp "Wüste" – Vienna Online,, 16.02.


Lobau: Religious representatives call for dialogue via city road –,, 16.02.


Construction contracts for urban motorway reveal: City only held sham talks with activists –, Oekonews, 16.02.


























































NÖN, 16.02.


The Original Eviction: What we can learn from Marx about #LobauBleibt (, Mosaik-Blog, 15.02.


Vienna refrains from lawsuits against opponents of city streets – Vienna – › Panorama, Der Standard, 15.02.


Stadtstraße: City waives lawsuits –,, 15.02.

Stadtstraße: Science criticizes "pushing through" outdated projects, Kurier, 14.02.


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Pepper spray by Lobau activists? Police row back | PULS 24, Puls 4, 03.02.




























































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Falter tomorrow, 26.01.


























































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Now excuse me: Fire in the Lobau: SPÖ veteran ignited in the net, Krone, 7.01.22


Track 5' – Let's try it: puls ascuns –, OE 1, 07.01.22



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Calls for arson attack in chat, MeinBezirk, 6.01.22


City street protest: Sima reveals communication with occupiers, Kurier, 5.01.22 (But we will not be divided!)


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Lobau activists are now receiving psychological care, Krone, 3.01.22


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Lobau-Camp: The fire was set, oe24, 2./3.01.22.">Lobau-Camp: The fire was set, oe24, 2./3.01.22Download


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Kraus wants to "think" about Stadtstraße,, 28.12.21




Gewessler draws positive interim balance for climate ticket, 26.12.21





Vienna withdraws lawsuits against young people, ZIB1/ORF, 23.12.21


City withdraws threat of legal action to minors,, 23.12.21


Obstruction of construction management – or artistic freedom?, artmagazine, 23.12.21


Stadtstraße: Threat of legal action against activists is still ongoing,, 23.12.21


Threats of legal action: Open letter from young climate activist to President Van der Bellen, oekonews, 23.12.21


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Squatters and City of Vienna apparently want to talk about Stadtstraße, Der Standard, 20.12.21


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Hostility between construction site squatters and SPÖ, Kurier, 20.12.21


»Even 13- and 14-year-olds are threatened«, Junge Welt, 20.12.21


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