Schedule for the #LobauBleibt action week

For the action week from May 22nd – 29th we want to be well prepared. Therefore, we offer you a series of workshops in the run-up – not only in Vienna, but in different cities in Austria. Here you can find an overview of all important dates:

You want to organize an info event for the #LobauBleibt action week in your city?

Great, because this way you can help to inspire many people for the action and mobilize them to come to our action week.
Write us an email to the following address: (PGP)
We have created a Mobi presentation and notes for it, so that you can easily organize an info event yourself. If you don’t want to run the event yourself and need our support, please write to us at the above email address. We will try to support you in the best way possible and are in contact with people who would like to come to you as speakers. There is a presentation in English as well.

We also need your help to organize action trainings and legal aid workshops in other cities. Write us as well, if you can imagine this.

Info events for the civil disobedience action on May 25

At the info events in different cities we want to provide you with all the necessary information about the day of action on May 25th and answer your questions. There you can learn about the background and opportunities to participate.


  • Wed, May 11, 6 p.m., Brno.



  • Thu, May 12, 7 p.m.; Amerlinghaus, event room on the ground floor; not completely barrier-free (access to toilets only via stairs).

  • Wed, 05/18, 7pm; W23, Wipplingerstraße 23; unfortunately not barrier-free. (Please contact us if this makes it impossible or difficult for you to attend. We can look together how to solve this).

  • Sun, May 22, 4:30 p.m., Lobau Camp; as part of the Climate Camp.


Action trainings on civil disobedience

Learn about the background, history and tactics of civil disobedience actions in a protected setting. Why do we need it, what are special features and risks? How can we prepare for actions, what are affinity groups and can I actually block a construction site/intersection/excavator/factory gate with my body? A training for personal development and examination of concepts of civil disobedience.


Legal Training Workshops

Attend one of the offered legal training workshops to prepare yourself as well as possible for the action days - especially the action on May 25th. Contents of the legal workshops are: Basic legal principles, preparing for actions, behavior during and after the action, legal consequences and defense question time, overview of the legal situation on activism and civil disobedience, awareness of legal risks, knowing your own rights and legal self-defense, contact with legal support structures.




Action plenaries

Appoint a delegate in your affinity group to attend at least one action plenary during the action week. The action plenaries will take place on the following evenings:

There you will get the last important information. Please wear a FFP2 mask during the action plenaries!