Packing list for the action of civil disobedience on May 25

What you should bring to the action of civil disobedience:

  • FFP2 masks (recommended to bring a few)

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Personal EA number / individual legal assistance number

  • Demonstration telephone number

  • Depending on the weather: dress accordingly, if needed bring warm / waterproof clothes and / or protection against the sun

  • Sufficient water / tea (not in glass container)

  • Lunch, snacks

  • If needed bring a plate, cup, spoon

  • Bring the medication you require

  • Safety blanket

  • An old sleeping bag

  • A sleeping pad

  • A cushion or something else to sit on

  • If needed a toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Ash try for smokers

Also recommended to bring with you:

  • Superglue, needle and thread

  • Glitter

  • Edding/ sharpie and make up for the face

  • A bit of spare change (but not too much)

  • Music instruments, song texts, books, theater plays, sketches, or other things to pass the time

What you should bring to Vienna / to the climate camp for the action week:

  • Antigen tests

  • More FFP2 masks

  • Sleeping bag (see bed exchange)

  • Sleeping pad

What you should leave at home or where you sleep on May 25:

  • Documentation (if you want to refuse to identify yourself)

  • Phone (if you want to refuse to identify yourself)

  • All items that relate to your person (name tags in your backpack, calendar, a book etc.)

  • Valuables

  • Glass bottles, pocketknives and similar objects that can be interpreted as a weapon

  • Contact lenses (if pepper spray is being used)