05.04.2022 (c System Change not Climate Change)

On 05.04.2022, the last occupied construction site was cleared to clear the way for the climate-damaging city highway. Since the police cordoned off the area on a large scale, displaced the press and did not let parliamentary observers in, the eviction took place away from the public. Therefore, the solidarity rally could not take place near the eviction. We criticize this action of the police because we are dependent on neutral observation of events by the press and the civilian population.

Out of self-protection from further repression, we refused to reveal our identity and were therefore taken to the PAZ, where we had to endure for 24 hours, the majority in solitary confinement and under harassment. Partly almost without food. FLINTA* activists were sexist insulted and treated transphobically. Police officers looked trans people into their underpants to be able to classify them. That was illegal. One officer behaved remarkably sexist, insulting and condescending towards us. He made offensive remarks to activists about their "fat ass" or body hair.

Despite repeated refusals and indications from the activists that the police are not allowed to carry out identification measures in the event of administrative penalties, we were forced to have our faces photographed by means of choking and fixation handles. An activist was beaten after insisting on his right. Police officers also threatened violence against FLINTA* activists while they had to undress (quotes: "I would like to slap you little children on the Goschn", "It may be that you have fallen"). An activist was detained in a solitary cell by four police officers and threatened with violence if he did not allow himself to be photographed. Others were photographed without being asked or secretly. In addition, we were threatened that we would not get food during detention, that we would not be allowed to make the legally permitted telephone call or that we would remain in detention longer if we did not agree to photograph the face. All this shows that the executive disregards laws and rights and tramples them underfoot.

We deeply criticize the behavior of the police officers who have behaved sexist, transphobic and violent towards us. We also find it frightening and intolerable that police officers tolerate such behaviour among their colleagues and do not intervene, but admit that they would cover each other.

We are aware that as white activists we are pivilegated, even when in contact with the police. The violence and discrimination that we have experienced in the PAZ is not to be equated with what BIPoC experiences or with people with an unclear residence status who are threatened with deportation. We could also count on legal help from outside. It is all the more tragic that many people in the PAZ are exposed to such harassment and assault over several weeks, for example in detention, and have no opportunity to defend themselves against it or to make this public. That is why we are trying to draw attention to these grievances here as well.

We are experiencing psychological and physical police violence because we stand up for our values and publicly express the failure of politicians regarding the climate crisis.
That's why we continue to fight, for ourselves, for you and for a future worth living for everyone and we will not be intimidated. Against climate crisis, sexism, violence, racism and fascism!

The police violence and the events that took place three years ago still shock us today. We express our solidarity with Anselm and all those affected who were exposed to massive police violence here in Vienna on 31.05.2019 during a peaceful action. We hope that such images will not be repeated.

Resistance is inseparable!

The 34 imprisoned activists from the G1


FLINTA* stands for women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, transgender and aging persons, i.e. all those who are patriarchally oppressed

BIPoC stands for Black, Indigenous and People of Color

Repression stands for oppression, deliberate arbitrariness, violence and abuse of power

Administrative penalties are e.B distributed if a dissolved meeting is not left