Hygiene concept for the #Lobaubleibt action day on May 25th

Our #Lobaubleibt protest, which is directed against the city of Vienna and Lobau highway, cannot wait. At the same time, the situation around Covid-19 has eased somewhat, but we are still dealing with a global pandemic. We are aware that this means taking responsibility for our protest. Therefore, we have adopted a hygiene concept.

Please read the hygiene concept carefully and discuss it in your affinity groups:

  • How can we help to minimize the risk of spreading Covid-19?

  • How do we protect ourselves and those around us who are at risk from infection?


1. Who do we advise not to participate and who may not be able to participate?

Individuals with pre-existing conditions and high-risk patients: Individuals who are at higher risk for severe Covid 19 due to pre-existing conditions or age are advised to consider thoroughly whether participating in our action is safe enough for them. Please think carefully about the extent to which the action could pose an individual risk to you and decide based on that whether you want to/can participate.

2. Symptoms or risk factors beforehand

We advise anyone who is feeling ill or showing symptoms of infection not to arrive and not to participate in our action day. The same exclusion from participation applies to anyone who has had contact with potential positive tested persons within the last 5 days of your arrival. Please try to minimize the risk of infection for yourself and others as much as possible.

3. Testing

Please be sure to get PCR tested before the action day, even if you have already been vaccinated three times. There are free testing facilities in Vienna (such as “Gurgelboxen”, test lanes, pharmacies and PCR self-testing). A negative test result, should not be older than 48h. Make sure to get tested in time or to hand in your PCR self-tests early (Tuesday before 9am) at a BILLA, PENNY or BIPA to be sure that your result will be there before the action day. We would also ask you to test yourself regularly before the action and please always come tested to e.g. plenaries, trainings.

If you don’t have access to a free PCR test and can’t use the test offers in Vienna anymore, a daily quick test is also okay. However, this should only be an absolute exception.

4. FFP2 masks and disinfectants

We call on all activists to wear a FFP2 mask at all times during the action and on the way to the action site. If you are hungry or thirsty, please make sure that there is enough distance to other people while drinking and eating. Bring several fresh and clean FFP2 masks with you so that you can change if they get wet.
Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly and bring disinfectant for your own use.

5. Self-isolation of the whole affinity group in case of suspected corona

What to do in case of symptoms? If a person develops symptoms that raise suspicion of a Covid-19 infection, that person and their affinity group must immediately keep their distance from all other people. The entire affinity group agrees to refrain from further participation in the day of action and to isolate themselves.

Common symptoms of Covid-19 are (according to the Robert Koch Institute): Cough, fever, rhinitis, disturbance of sense of smell and/or taste, pneumonia. Other symptoms: Sore throat, shortness of breath, headache, aching limbs, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, inflammation around the eyes, skin rash, swelling of lymph nodes, apathy/severe fatigue.