This morning, without prior notice, the evacuation began. 300 police officers, dozens of police vehicles, drones and pepper spray are in action. At the same time, the city cleared over 300 trees for the construction of the highway.
The activists keep trying to prevent the eviction and clearing by blockades and climbing trees. Over 400 supporters gather at a registered rally. Further expressions of solidarity are welcome!Hashtabs being used ar #lobaubleibt and #w0102.
A rally in front of the SPÖ (social democratic party, ruling in Vienna) headquarters in Löwlstraße has been announced for tonight at 6 p.m. to demonstrate against the clearing and the construction of the motorway in the middle of the climate crisis:
This is a shameful climax of a policy that criminalizes the climate movement, downplays attacks on it and even in 2022 tries with all its might to push through large-scale fossil projects. Contrary to all the voices of science. The city’s recently presented climate roadmap was nothing more than a bad PR gimmick.