#LobauBleibt – Let’s block the construction of Vienna’s city highway on May 25!

Call for mass civil disobedience on the LobauBleibt action day against the city highway on May 25 in Vienna

The city highway and the Lobau highway are among the most climate-damaging infrastructure projects in Austria. They stand for the capitalist, growth-driven car system, which destroys the basis of all our lives. In the same way, they symbolize the failure of politics to finally get the socially and climate-just mobility transition on track!

Despite the climate crisis, the city of Vienna wants to stick to the fossil fuel individualized car-based mobility system. The alternatives for the expansion of public transport have been on the table for just as long as the plans for new roads. In order to enforce the interests of the car lobby, the building lobby, the truck lobby and the military, the city of Vienna still wants to build the city highway. This alliance of lobbies and politics is also holding on to the Lobau highway despite its cancellation by climate minister Gewessler. If the city highway is built, the Lobau won’t be safe!

For almost 8 months we have been able to prevent the construction of the city highway by occupying the construction sites. Meanwhile, the city government has threatened (underage) activists, residents, scientists and artists with million-dollar lawsuits, it has evicted the occupations and launched massive greenwashing campaigns. We will not stand by while profits and corporate interests are put before climate-just policies! Instead, we will point out the red lines that must not be crossed to meet the 1.5°C target and oppose climate destruction by the car lobby and politics.

At the SPÖ party congress on May 28, the SPÖ Vienna can take the decision against the city highway. Before that, we want to take the protest into the city and increase the pressure on the SPÖ! We are therefore calling for mass civil disobedience on May 25 in Vienna as part of the LobauBleibt action week against the city highway. Let’s block the construction of the city highway together! 

Given the urgency of the climate crisis, we believe it is necessary and appropriate to continue to stand in the way of this destruction with our bodies. We invite you to become part of our action and slow down the car system. The action will present an image of creativity and openness and everyone, experienced or not, can participate. To do so, visit our info sessions, action trainings and legal assistance workshops. Let’s take the mobility transition into our own hands: for climate justice and an end to the destructive car system!