Bed exchange

Activists from all over Austria and Europe will come to the #LobauBleibt action week. Together we want to make it possible that everyone is accommodated. For this we need your support! This year, the climate camp takes place at the Lobau camp. This offers many sleeping places. A lot of energy from activists has gone into constructing additional infrastructure at the Lobau camp to ensure that the heightened demand of the climate camp-week can be met. If possible, use them since the protest thrives on people being on site. Moreover the climate camp offers an exciting workshop program on various topics related to climate justice.  On the other hand, we are organizing a bed exchange for the action week, so that all who want can take advantage of a sleeping arrangement at the homes of other activists or supporters (decentralized and scattered around Vienna).


For people from Vienna

If you can offer one or more sleeping accomadations, please write an e-mail to (PGP-Key) with the following information:

  • Availability (in the period from May 22 to May 29)

  • Amount of places

  • Your contact information

  • District

  • Sleeping bag and isomat required?

  • Corona requirements?


For people who are not from Vienna

Lobau camp:

Come with your tent and sleeping bag! No registration required!

You can find more information about the camp here.     


Bed exchange

Moreover, we are organizing decentralized sleeping opportunities scattered all over Vienna and offered by other activists and supporters.

Please fill out this form, should you need a place to sleep at. The tool is encrypted and safe!